Sigma Technology Digital & Cloud Solutions AB and Head on Nails AB is entering a partnership to meet future digital demands!

Head on Nails has entered a partnership with Sigma Technology Digital & Cloud Solutions AB to develop and administer a new digital platform for skills management and development.

The founders of Head on Nails AB have many years of experience in implementing processes and methods for efficient development and validation of skills within corporations and sector, educational and public organisations . This knowledge and experience will now be offered in a digital platform for the development and verification of skills, based on a number of unique quality assuring processes based on these experiences.

The partnership consists of the development and administration of SKillUpTool, a cloud based digital ecosystem for structured skills planning, development and monitoring. The tool is applicable for any skill level within any sector. The ecosystem brings together individuals, employers, sector organisations, educational institutes and employment and temp agencies for continuous mutually beneficial skills development.

Per Wigström, CEO of Head on Nails:

“ We were looking for a partner for the development and administration of SkillUpTool and in Sigma Technology Digital & Cloud Solutions we found the perfect match, thanks to their technical competence and understanding of our business. The goal of our partnership is to develop and administer SkillUpTool, and to increase the understanding of the potential of validated skills provisioning in the market place.”

“Continuous skills development is very important in modern society. Technology develops quickly every day, and as an IT-provider it is our responsibility to offer our customers the correct skills and level of competence in a timely manner. As an employer, I want to offer skills development to our employees, and I see that SkillUpTool offers the best platform for our adaptations to future technical developments. I very much look forward to our journey together!, says Rashin Kabodvand, CEO for Sigma Technology Digital & Cloud Solutions AB.

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