We Bring People Together

Head-on-Nails SkillUpTool is a cloud based digital ecosystem for developing and varifiying validated skills, backed by a number of formalized quality assurance processes.

The ecosystem brings together private and public organizations, individuals, sector organizations, educational institutions and employment services in a dynamic co-dependent network for the benefit of all parties. 

Other Beneficiaries

Societies at large are also benefiters of the SkillUpTool ecosystem. They often support unemployed individuals and sometimes also pay for their retraining or education. 

These efforts often lack:

  • Relevance to the actual skill requirements of employers and sectors.
  • Assessment tools of the skill levels of individuals.
  • Educational modules to fill identified skill gaps.

These inadequacies are costly to governments. The application of SkillUpTool on a large scale will lessen these problems to the benefit of societies at large. 

SkillUpTool at a Glance

Skills Management

Businesses and organization can manage and continuously develop and validate their coworkers’ skills. They can create their own requirements or subscribe to skills and educations that have been published by other organizations. 

Global and Local Skills

SkillUpTool manages and makes easily available skills directed to a global market in any language as well as to local individual businesses or organizations.

Proven Skills Development Process

SkillUpTool’s structure is based on many years experience by the Head-on-Nails founders in skill and qualification development with sector organizations, employers and educational institutions. Each  skill is tied to a specific job title or organizational function to make it relevant, and is broken down into comprehensible sub-parts with increased knowledge requirements for easier mental digestion and learning by individuals. The default process in SkillUpTool is based on EQF (The European Qualification Framework) but it can integrate with most other systems in skills development.

Efficient Educational Modules

The courses in SkillUpTool match a defined skill and its sub skills and levels of knowledge requirements. Each course is modularized, so individuals only need to study the parts that are shown in the gap analysis in the initial mapping. 


The Creators are in Control

SkillUpTool offers a framework for skills development but then the creators of skills, qualifications, verifications and courses are in control of their own content. They decide when to publish their products and how much they want to charge. They can at any time release an updated version of their product, and they can depublish at any time. The course contents always reside in the educators’ own e-learning systems, and SkillUpTool only shows them in a portal when a module is run by an individual


Skills Development

One platform for individuals’ life long learning of reskilling and upskilling through micro credentials specified by employers and sector organizations. This process is continuously developed together with research and academic institutions.

Any Type of Skill or Knowledge

The SkillUpTool platform supports any type of skill or knowledge that can be specified, such as. blue collar skills, white collar skills, technology, environmental science or policy, sustainability. It is only limited by the creativity of the users.

Scientifically Based Verifications

Each level of knowledge of sub skills is verified by a battery of questions. The questions go through a strict process of quality assurance before the are published in SkillUpTool. The structure, format and algorithms that evaluate the questions are based on the life long research by late professor Ingemar Wedman, and this work is under continuous development together with research and academic institutions.

Open Architecture

SkillUpTool has an open architecture via links and APIs to external systems. It can exchange skills and verification data with external systems via API:s. It can integrate with existing HR-systems either via APIs or data feeds. It can receive and send data via APIs with other systems that host individuals’ life long learning and resumes. SkillUpTool is not an e-learning platform and all courses are read in from course providers’ e-learning systems either via URLs or APIs.

3-step Process

Individuals go through a 3-step process in SkillUpTool: 1. Map the current skill level towards the requirement. 2. Educate to fill the gaps. 3. Verify the education and certify. Repeat towards a new requirement for a life long learning and career development in small, guided and relevant steps.


Our goal is to release an MVP of SkillUpTool in the spring of 2023.
Please contact us if you are interested in trying it out.