Skills Management and Development

Here is an excellent video in Swedish by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (Myndigheten för yrkeshögskolan) that describes our philosophy and approach when it comes to skills management and development.

About Us

Head on Nails AB is founded by individuals with many years experience in developing processes and methods for effective validated skills development. Our work has benefited stakeholders that are core pillars of society such as sectors, companies, and educators in the private sector and the public sectors, leading to individual’s continuous  lifelong learning. As the world is changing at a fast pace in technology, health sciences, environment and sustainability, we are now ready to take our work globally to support efficient, relevant and life long skills development for companies, organizations, and individuals.


 The management team of Head-on-Nails has decades of practical experiences in the development of skill management, implementation and development of validation of individual skills, life-long learning and pedagogical methodologies. The new digital technologies with cloud based computing, AI-algorithms and web based user interfaces make their experiences and knowledge now available globally to any company, organization or individual that strives to develop and validate their skills, if it’s to become more competitive in the market place, to be a more relevant or efficient contributor in society, or to use it for personal development and growth.  

Head-on-Nails’ SkillUpTool is a cloud based digital ecosystem for developing and verifying validated skills, backed by a number of formalized quality assurance processes. It brings together employers, individuals, sector organizations, educational institutions and employment services in a dynamic co-dependent network for the benefit of all parties.

Manage and continuously develop and validate the skills of coworkers and contractors.

Create verifiable qualifications, educational modules and verifications of skills for occupations within any sector.

One platform for the life long process of reskilling and upskilling through micro credentials.